4 Reasons to get WikiBuy Browser Extension

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Wikibuy is one of the largest coupon sites out there, helping consumers save over $50 million in purchases. Wikibuy now has a wonderful browser extension for Chrome.

Here is a list of some of Wikibuy’s best features and why its a Must Ad as a browser extension:

Offers Universal Product Search

One of Wikibuy’s most helpful features is its product search tool. You can easily search for a product via the Wkibuy extension.

Say you are looking for a crockpot. You can run the search for an 8 quart crockpot. Type it in the search box directly from your browser extension and it will pull up all the search results.

Courtesy of Wikibuy

There is no simpler way to get the best deals across all retail and wholesale stores than Wikibuy browser extension.

Wikibuy Watchlist

Shopping for something in particular, but waiting for it to become available or a price drop? Wikibuy’s watchlist has you covered. simply go to the Settings section of your extension and add all your products to their watchlist.

Wikibuy will monitor the prices for you and notify you of any price drops. Easily the best way to streamline couponing and bargain shopping to save you time.

Earn Wiki Credits

Redeem Wiki Credits within the extension from your favorite retailers simply by using the browser extension. There are two easy ways to earn Wiki Credits while you shop.

  • Activate Wikibuy credits while shopping on partnered stores when prompted to earn cash back. You get credits for buying what you would already buy.
  • you can earn in-store credits as well if you link a credit card to Wikibuy. Once an eligible purchase is made with Wikibuy Credits activated, you will receive credits within 7 days unless exclusions apply. Click here to learn more.

Price Comparison Feature

Compare prices from online retailers quickly with Wikibuy. When you find a deal on eBay, you can use the browser extension to compare other prices quickly and accurately.

Simply type in the product in the search bar and it will give you competitor prices, as well as Wiki Cash Back savings. This is useful if two prices are comparable but the Cash Back gets you an extra $5 in savings!

The only downfall we see with Wikibuy is that you must use Chrome to use it.

The pros outweigh the cons in the Wikibuy Chrome Browser Extension. Get it today and start saving time and money the smart way.