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We can all agree, trying new products can go really well or really bad. In the case it goes really well, well congratulations; you have found your new favorite hand soap or baby shampoo! But if it’s a bad experience, then it is a waste of money.

A lot of consumers are deterred from trying new products that may actually be better or they will like more because they don’t have money to waste.

So what if you could try a product before you had to make a financial commitment?

Well, you sure can with a membership through PINCHme where leading brands offer consumers free samples shipped to their door to test out.

Is PINCHme Legit?

PINCHme was started 2013 in New York. They began to partner with brands to offer samples to their consumers. from the get-go, PINCHme was legit.

Brands that develop new products or try to change old products need consumer feedback. As a PINCHme member, you get to try samples from these brand products and give feedback about the products. This feedback is given to the brand to help shape and improve the product.

How Does PINCHme Work?

It’s very simple with PINCHme to start getting samples. Here is a short video that walks you through the steps.

1. Sign up. It’s free.

Signing through FaceBook or with a valid email. You will be asked to verify your email, so make sure to look into your email folder for the confirmation email.

2. Complete your profile

PINCHme will ask questions about your household and shopping habits. This is to understand what samples you are interested in. This step is important in order for you to have the best experience possible.

Make sure you have the proper mailing address in your profile so you actually receive the samples.

3. Make sure you get PINCHme emails

Additional questions might be emailed to you for additional samples. If you want to recevie more samples, make sure you are receiving their emails in your inbox.

Also, if a new brand or product was added to the samples selections, PINCHme might alert you via email. So don’t miss out!

4. Get on the Sample Tuesday List

Sample Tuesday is a once-a-month event where you get more samples! You will have to RSVP to Sample Tuesday via Facebook for your chance at getting more samples.

5. Put together your own box of free samples

PINCHme will do a great job of recommending products to sample. But don’t hesitate picking out your own products to test out as well!

After receiving the recommendations from PINCHme about which products you would be interested in, build your own box of samples and have them shipped directly to you for free.

6. Use and review the products

After you have tested out the product, it’s your turn to give feedback. Log back into your profile and give a thoughtful response to your product trial. The feedback you give goes directly to the brand and helps influence the products that get placed on the shelves. Your opinion and experience matters!

7. Purchase products with PINCHme promo codes

When you’ve found a product you want to commit to, PINCHme offers coupons and promo codes to buy the full-sized version from the brand at a discount!


If you’re thinking to yourself, “is that it?”, well pinch yourself because that is it! PINCHme is a great option for consumers looking to test out products before making a financial commitment.

Here is a short list of pro’s and con’s to consider:


  • Get free samples of products you are interested in.
  • Save money by not purchasing products you or your family will not use.
  • As a member, you can choose which products to try.
  • Reduce wasting money on purchasing bad products to try.


  • PINCHme is not a site where you can earn money.
  • In order to successfully use PINCHme, consumers have to take time to fill our the feedback.

Overall, this is a great solution if you have picky eaters at home, sensitivities to products or looking to save some money.

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